Little Falls Exchange Club rings in its 75th anniversary

Little Falls Exchange Club rings in its 75th anniversary Main Photo

24 Nov 2023

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The Little Falls Exchange Club was chartered in 1948, 37 years after the first Exchange Club was established in 1911. Over the next seven and a half decades, the club has continued on, its members working together to improve, protect and celebrate its community and country.

“The Exchange Club calls itself America’s club,” said Ray Schulte, who has been a member of the club for nearly 40 years.

In his first 20 years as a member, Schulte served as the Club’s president, secretary, newsletter editor and district representative at different times. Since then, he has transferred those responsibilities to others while remaining a member.

Schulte said two of the national priorities of all Exchange Clubs are the prevention of child abuse and Americanism, the latter being the promotion of patriotism for the United States. Individual Exchange Clubs can also have additional priorities, with the Little Falls Exchange Club also prioritizing community service and youth activities.

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