Holistic farming a way of life at Red Pine Pastures

Holistic farming a way of life at Red Pine Pastures Main Photo

20 Nov 2023


Located in rural Little Falls, Red Pine Pastures offers a variety of farm products at different times throughout the year. The 75-acre, holistically managed farm, of which 55 acres are pasture, is owned and operated by Steph Haakanson and her husband, Eric.

The products offered by the couple include pork, chickens, turkeys, eggs, and goat milk soap.

Haakanson said she and Eric purchased the farm in 2018.

“Really, from then, we just kind of hit the ground running,” she said. “We moved in early spring, snow was still on the ground and we pretty much started growing and raising our own food right off the bat.”

While Haakanson grew up in Maple Lake, Eric was born and raised in Sauk Rapids. Their love for nature, animals and a holistic approach is what ultimately led them to farm.

“That was really kind of one of the reasons why we wanted to get out here, as well as, just to do our own thing in terms of food and having a little bit more control over what we raised,” she said.

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