Pine Grove Zoo improves animal welfare

Pine Grove Zoo improves animal welfare Main Photo

20 May 2024

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This is the second of three articles about the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls. Next: Personalities and shenanigans of animals at the Pine Grove Zoo.

When Director Marnita Van Hoecke started working at the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls in 2000, it looked nothing like it does today.

The only running water on the zoo grounds was from a little spigot outside. There was also a building that somewhat resembled a one car garage with two freezers inside, a couple of animals that the zoo staff would bring to educational events, such as at the local library or at the school, a desk, and a table.

“I didn’t have a sink to do dishes in, so when I began, you had to put this water out of the hydrant in a steel pail and put it on the space heater to warm it up to do your dishes,” she said.

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