Landscaping with tree health in mind

Landscaping with tree health in mind Main Photo

23 Mar 2024

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As spring is arriving, many people begin to plan their flower and vegetable gardens. Others devise on landscaping that needs to get done around the yard and in surrounding areas. Trees are no exception, said Kevin Sobiech, owner of Sobiech Tree Service in Little Falls.

“The time of year you do it makes a big difference on many trees. If you’re just trimming or removing trees, you can do it just about any time with the exception to some of the oak wilt problems that are going on now. Then you try not to cut in the summer months as much as you can,” he said.

The reason for ideally not cutting trees that are affected by oak wilt during the summer months, Sobiech said is that the fungi disease can spread easier from diseased trees to healthy trees during that time period.

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