Releasing stress with the spinal flow technique

Releasing stress with the spinal flow technique Main Photo

23 Mar 2024

News, Healthcare

Offering a variety of services at Body Restore Studio in Little Falls, owner, massage therapist and cryoskin technician Crystal Benson is adding another service — the spinal flow technique.

As different stressors in life, whether physical, emotional or chemical, can cause the body to stiffen or lock up in different areas, the spinal flow technique aims to release any spinal blockages, Benson said.

According to the website of Dr. Carli Axford, who developed the spinal flow technique, pain is one of several signals the body may send to indicate “it is struggling with stress or illness.” During her research over several years, Axford discovered that there are seven gateways of the spine. They are referred to as awaken, pause, passion, centre, power, foundation and base, Benson said.

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