Patty Orth in Randall named ‘Child Care Provider of the Year’

Patty Orth in Randall named ‘Child Care Provider of the Year’ Main Photo

25 Nov 2023

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Patty Orth of Randall was recently named “Child Care Provider of the Year” by Sourcewell. Although it is the second time, she has received the recognition — the first time being in 2016 — it means so much to her.

 “It’s pretty exciting. It’s an honor that my parents think that much of me,” she said.

In the nomination, Orth is described as, “very good with routine, positive discipline and very involved in fine motor skill development. Patty is very organized and loves art. She has so many activities and crafts and is outside throughout the day. Patty is an exceptional provider, and you can’t beat her.”

Orth has provided childcare for nearly 29 years. Reminiscing, the reason she got into it in the first place was that it was a way to start making an income a little bit at the same time as she stayed at home with her children, Jenny, Lisa and Ryan. A few years later, Aaron and Katie joined their family.

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