Ironside Fitness opens in Little Falls

10 Jun 2023

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A bodybuilder himself, Robin van Lamoen of Little Falls felt there weren’t enough gyms in the area that takes working out to the next level as he does. Not only with the equipment that is offered, but in the environment, as well.

van Lamoen said it isn’t unusual in many gyms for its members to simply come and go and just stick to themselves. As a result, there isn’t much of a community feeling to the gym and whenever someone may need a spotter, he or she may hesitate to even ask another member.

“That’s why I created the gym. I missed that community feeling,” he said.

van Lamoen opened Ironside Fitness on May 8 and since then, has gained several people. While they pay a membership to have 24/7 access to the gym, van Lamoen said he refers to them as community people, simply because, to him, they are more than just a member, regardless of where they are at in their fitness journey.

“Sure, it’s an individual sport, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re the only individual coming in. We are already creating an atmosphere in our gym where everyone looks after one another,” he said.

The encouragement from other community people can also inspire the individual to get extra repetitions or to increase the weight lifted,” he said.

Ironside Fitness is located at 609 13th Avenue NE, Little Falls (enter through the gates from Crestview Drive, first building to the left across Seaview Farm).

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