Dandelion Lane opens in Little Falls

27 May 2023

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Having always loved home decor and design, Laura Pantzke of Little Falls recently decided to turn that passion into a business — Dandelion Lane.

Dandelion Lane is located at 15287 Twin Lakes Road, Little Falls. The occasional shop has a wide variety of items for sale, such as fun, elegant and unique home decor, cups, signs, clothes, shopping bags, kitchen gadgets, stationery, cards, notebooks, stickers, cutting boards and more. She also sells spirit infusion kits from Mixcraft in different flavors that can be enjoyed with alcohol. Another popular item is honey from Savannah Bee Company.

As Pantzke and her husband, John, wanted to see how successful the business would be before they took the leap to purchase a building in Little Falls, they converted their large garage into the shop. For John, it also meant losing his own little man cave, but it is a loss he was willing to sacrifice for his wife.

“He actually told me to just go for it. He was like, ‘I know you’ve been thinking about this forever, and you know what, now is the time. Life is short,’” she said.

When selecting items to hold in her shop, Pantzke said she wanted to provide her customers with a broad selection of items. Not only in the variety, but also in price range.

While finding and purchasing the different items for the shop has been a lot of fun, it has also been challenging, Pantzke said. Not only knowing what to get, but also in deciding the quantity in which to buy a specific product, she said. Another thing she keeps in mind when ordering is making sure she doesn’t only get products in the style she prefers, she said.

“There has been some getting out of your comfort zone when something isn’t your style,” she said.

Despite the challenging moments, Pantzke said she is very thankful for the help she has received from the wholesalers.

“They have been really helpful,” she said.

Another thing Pantzke appreciates greatly from most of the wholesalers is their honesty about whether a product has been selling good or not or if it is in a price range that customers are usually willing to pay, she said.

“Everybody’s taste is so different, so you never really know how popular a product will be,” she said.

The products in Dandelion Lane change over time and many times in preparation for upcoming holidays, such as Father’s Day, Fourth of July and more.

Since Dandelion Lane opened its doors, it has quickly become a popular place for many to shop. To promote the business, Pantzke posts frequently on the shop’s social media. That in itself has been an opportunity for growth. As she is personally quite reserved as to what to post on social media, she’s had to move out of her comfort zone to post online. It’s also been challenging to come up with different ideas on what to post and more, she said.

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