Matthew LeBlanc officially hired, starts work Monday

27 Nov 2021

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Matthew LeBlanc was officially hired as the next Morrison County administrator, Tuesday.

The County Board unanimously accepted the contract for employment, which was negotiated by LeBlanc and representatives from the Board over the previous few days. The Board voted, 5-0, Nov. 17 to offer the position to LeBlanc after interviewing four finalists for the position.

“I will point out that this county administrator will be put on the grade and pay scale according to our county policies,” said Interim Co-County Administrator Brad Vold.

LeBlanc will officially begin in his role as county administrator on Monday, Nov. 29. The term of the agreement will be employment on an at-will basis, as long as it is mutually agreeable by both LeBlanc and the County Board. The Board does have the right to terminate the contract at any time by a majority vote.

He will receive a salary of $117,020.80 per year. The Board will review LeBlanc’s compensation on an annual basis, and the employment agreement will be amended automatically to reflect any salary adjustments. Cost of living increases provided to other non-union employees of the county will be provided.

LeBlanc will be given an initial performance review after six months and at least once per year thereafter. He will contribute to Minnesota Public Employee Retirement Associate (PERA) or an alternate pension plan that is approved by the state. This is a required by the state of Minnesota.

LeBlanc will begin his employment with 80 hours — two weeks — of paid time off and can accrue up to 168 hours — 21 days — during his first five years of service.

LeBlanc is a Morrison County native, and has returned home to raise his own family since retiring after 21 years of active service in the United States Army. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from St. Cloud State University and a master’s degree in business and organizational security management from Webster University.

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