Cute animals full of mischief at Pine Grove Zoo

Cute animals full of mischief at Pine Grove Zoo Main Photo

28 May 2024

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This is the final article in a three-part series about the Pine Grove Zoo.

The Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls is home to nearly 100 animals. Of those, there are about 35 different species, said Zoo Director Marnita Van Hoecke.

Each animal has its own personality. While the animals are, for the majority of the time, as well-behaved as one can expect from wild animals, their different personalities shine through each day.

Of course, as with any animal — or human — some of their shenanigans have caused many smiles and a lot of laughter, along with the occasional shrieks of horror. Even so, Van Hoecke said, it is important to remember that the animals are wild and are going to follow their innate instincts.

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