Randall cleans up Veterans Park

Randall cleans up Veterans Park Main Photo

29 Mar 2024

News, Community, Economic Development

Due to not much snowfall this winter, Randall city staff have had more time for work outside snow plowing. This includes cleaning up the city’s Veterans Park to ensure it stays a pleasant place and a respectful sign of appreciation for its veterans.

At the Wednesday, March 20 Randall City Council meeting, City Manager Matt Pantzke said that as the park had dead and dying spruce trees, city staff cleared these trees in the area. Although there was no official action taken to purchase new trees to replace the removed ones at the meeting, Pantzke said he had reached out to multiple tree providers.

One option he found was flowering crabapple trees, which he said did not drop berries and would provide nice coverage, being planted at 10 to 12 feet tall and a few inches in diameter and growing to be 40 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide. Another option was red maple trees, which would be at about the same height.

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