Water: The essence of life

Water: The essence of life Main Photo

25 Dec 2023

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Clean drinking water. Easy to take for granted until it becomes an issue.

“We know that drinking water is vitally important for every Minnesotan to have access to clean, safe drinking water. (We also know) there are threats from both natural contaminants and processes and from what choices we make on the land and man-made contaminants,” said Britta Dornfeld, partnership manager with the Environmental Initiative. “It’s a multifaceted problem that we all have to face and no one agency can do it alone.”

A reception highlighting the collaborative was held Thursday, Dec. 7, at Great River Arts in Little Falls.

Dornfeld said the Source Water Protection Collaborative started in 2019 as the Environmental Initiative and the Citizens League studied land use needs and opportunities, as well as decisions to protect drinking water supplies. In Minnesota, sources of drinking water can be both ground water and surface water, she said.

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