Memories lined in the smell of pine

Memories lined in the smell of pine Main Photo

18 Dec 2023

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Wee Trees. That’s what Rick and Rose Warzecha of Royalton named their tree farm business several years ago. It’s a name that sticks, they said.

Rick said it was a simple conversation with one of his co-workers at his other job that led to the name.

“I was explaining to the guy that we were planting small seedlings. And he said, ‘Oh, you mean like wee trees, really small stuff?’ So I  gave him a dollar and I said, ‘Thanks for the name.’ That’s how we named it.”

The couple started growing trees in 1980. At the time, they lived in Luxembourg, but acquired the current property in Royalton a few years later and started growing trees there in 1983, they said.

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