Customer satisfaction, more than words for owner of ProPeak Construction

Customer satisfaction, more than words for owner of ProPeak Construction Main Photo

18 Sep 2023

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Working in the construction business, Josh Andrea, owner of ProPeak Construction in Pierz, strives to give homeowners a great experience and result.    

“A huge thing for me is to keep the homeowner happy. If I get their satisfaction at the end of a job, it just means a lot to me. It’s very gratifying,” he said.

Andrea, who founded ProPeak Construction in June 2021, grew up learning a lot of his carpentry skills from his dad, Tom. Well known and highly respected as a cabinet maker, Tom owned and operated Andrea Custom Cabinets for many years until the housing market crashed in 2008. People just weren’t building as they once did, Andrea said.

“I helped him a lot with that. I was in and out of the shop, helping him install cabinets and what not, so I kind of had the business background of it, being around it all the time,” he said. My dad was always really handy when it came to any projects we had around the house.”

Working with his dad, Andrea also gained a lot of experience with re-roofing houses. Not only their own home, but other people’s houses, as well.

Andrea said when it came to customer satisfaction, his dad was the same way. In fact, he contributes a lot of the ways he runs his business to how his dad ran his.

“He was very big into customer satisfaction, too. He was very picky with his work and the quality of it. He paid attention to detail. I think I would say I got that from him,” Andrea said.

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