Purple Carrot Market sets sights on 2025 opening

13 Sep 2023

Community, News, Economic Development

Owners of the Purple Carrot Market food co-op gathered to celebrate another successful year in community organizing and working toward opening a grocery store in historic downtown Little Falls. While growing owners is key to opening the grocery store, engaging owners through events, volunteering and special offers is just as important.

If milestones are met and progress stays on track, the owners will work to open the store in 2025. Past President and Capital Campaign Cabinet member, Darlene Brand, said at the 2023 annual meeting, “In the food co-op world, it takes seven to 10 years from the first community meeting to store opening. The Purple Carrot Market is right on track, even though the pandemic disrupted our progress, our owners, and especially our volunteers, have kept us moving forward and will see us to opening and beyond. ”

Owners also heard from Board President, Ava Antolik. She thanked the outgoing Board Members: Steve Smith, Susy Prosapio and Ted Pfohl; and welcomed the new board members elected this year: Eileen Brinkman, Julie Lambert, Leisha Vance, Stephen Jones and Myra Person. Owners received updates from the six active committees: Board Development, Building, Capital Campaign, Finance, Marketing and Communications and Ownership Engagement.

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