Taco John’s to open at Camp Ripley

7 Jul 2023

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For several years, Cassie Baum of Little Falls has dreamed of being her own boss. While owning and operating Frieze Lake Ranch has kept her busy, she is now opening several Taco John’s franchises across Central Minnesota. The one at Camp Ripley in Little Falls is set to open Monday, July 17.

Other locations she is in the process of opening franchises in are Pierz, Long Prairie and Rice. The ultimate goal, she said, is to have at least 10 Taco John’s franchises in Central Minnesota.

At this time, Baum is hiring for several positions at Taco John’s at Camp Ripley. She encourages people, 16 and older, to apply by visiting www.tacojohns.com and select “Camp Ripley” as the location they’re looking to apply at. Once he or she has applied, Olivia will conduct a short interview with the applicant. Olivia is her artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, who screens the applicants to make sure they meet certain criteria needed to work at the Camp Ripley location.

Applicants can apply directly with Olivia, too, by texting her at (307) 464-8123.

One requirement, Baum said, is to have a state-issued identification, whether a permit, identification card or driver’s license. That is needed in order to get past the gate and onto the military base.

Another requirement is to not have a criminal record, she said.

Once an applicant has been screened, an interview can be set up. Olivia will also text reminders to the applicant of the upcoming interview, which will include the option to cancel or reschedule the interview.

“Sometimes emergencies come up and they may have to reschedule,” Baum said.

Having Olivia do a lot of the initial screening allows Baum to dedicate her time to matters that require her immediate attention. It simply helps her to use her time wisely, she said.

“What’s really nice is that when someone applies here, they can always work themselves up,” she said.

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