Larson Abstract Company celebrates 100 years

14 May 2023

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This year, Larson Abstract Company in Little Falls is celebrating 100 years. It is a milestone that staff, clients and people in the communities of Morrison County and surrounding counties are excited about and proud of.

“What does it mean to be a part of something that has been around for 100 years — everything. We are so proud to be a part of a community that offers as much to us as we offer to it. After 100 years, we most likely have touched most in one way or another,” said Manager Roxanne Matsen.

The history of Larson Abstract Company and its founder, Fred Larson, is rich. Larson, who was the county deputy recorder register of deeds and later, transitioned into serving as the county auditor and treasurer, established the company in 1923.

“During that period, he started Larson Abstract and kept track of all the real estate transfers that happened in Morrison County, because in order to be able to do any title histories, you had to know who owned the property and how it transferred from person to person,” Matsen said.

Larson also is known as the longest serving auditor and treasurer in Morrison County. He served for 48 years as such, Matsen said.

In the beginning, Larson Abstract Company had its office in the courthouse until about 1977, Matsen said. The business found its new home at 56 Broadway in Little Falls, where it remained until the company moved to its current location, at 70 First Ave. SE, in 2003. That building, Matsen said, also happens to be where the Morrison County Record was once located.

Larson’s daughter also worked for her dad for many years until she retired in 1990, Matsen said.

“So it has been in the Larson name for a long time,” she said.

In 1986, Matsen and Jim Metsen purchased Larson Abstract, which they owned together for 17 years.

“Now, it’s owned by three gentlemen from the Brainerd area, so technically, this 100-year-old company has had three owners,” Matsen said.

The company currently employs 11 people, several of whom have been there for many years. Matsen said when they added the years they all have worked at Larson Abstract Company, they realized the business has essentially provided more than 143 years of service in the industry.

For Head Abstracter Joann Fussy the anniversary is extra special, as she has been with the company for more than four decades.

“Working here at Larson Abstract for 43 years is such an important milestone for me. Many changes and challenges throughout the years. Happy 100th birthday to a great company,” she said.

Larson Abstract Company offers a variety of services, such as real estate closing, Title and Title insurance for lenders and owners, preparation of documents that sellers and buyers need to sign, settle up payment, records all the documents with the county, which transfers ownership and then insures those properties and more, Matsen said.

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