Instead of building a new city shop, Pierz votes to purchase existing facility

Instead of building a new city shop, Pierz votes to purchase existing facility Main Photo

28 Jul 2022

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The Pierz City Council voted Monday, to take a new direction in the replacement of its city shop.

During a storm May 12, the Pierz city shop was basically destroyed. It was where the city’s heavy equipment and other Public Works supplies were kept, on the north end of town off of Highway 25.

Costs to rebuild the shop were estimated in the $750,000 range. The city expects to receive $200,000 in insurance, maybe more, but certainly $200,000.

However, business owner Chris Hoheisel, who owns BH Auto with a shop on a lot in Industrial Park, was planning to sell his building. He agreed to sell his building to the city for $450,000.

Hoheisel’s shop is a 60-by-80-foot building, or 4,800 square feet, built in 2013. It is heated, has an office, bathroom, large break/storage room. A large equipment heated bay is about 45-by-80-feet or 3,600 square foot.

The city’s prior shop was 5,400 square feet, made up of the 40-by-70 foot shop; a large equipment heated bay was approximately 40-by-60 feet. It also had a cold/warm storage area about 28-by-70-feet for 1,960 square feet and the Lions shed, of which the city used half, that measured 14-by-40 feet for 640 square feet.

City Administrator Bob Otremba told the City Council at its July 18 workshop, that the bids received contained just part of what the city wanted for the city shop. One bid, that came in at $459,000, did not include water and sewer.

Public Works Supervisor Eric Gaffke noted a bid for $750,000 for a steel frame building was still missing items the city wanted.

Mayor Dave Fischer noted during the workshop that state money is no longer available.

“The bottom line, when you’re building something, we’re looking at the low end of $750,000,” Fischer said.

Fischer told the Council during the workshop that he had toured the BH Auto shop and felt it would work for the city.

Hoheisel will also be leaving two hoists, which Fischer noted will come in handy for city staff. However, Otremba said the city really only needed one and would probably sell the other, which would just take up space.

Some advantages Fischer pointed out during the workshop included that it was right across from the Rich Prairie Sewer and Water District building and if the city and RPSWD ever got to the point of sharing equipment, it would be close.