More businesses can open as unemployment takes a leap

23 May 2020

Business, Economic Development, Community

By Carol Anderson, Guest Columnist  

More businesses are opening, starting June 1. Some people are happy about who is able to open and some are not. Considering hair salons are able to open, I am very grateful!

The new unemployment numbers are out for the month of April and, as expected, they are not good. In April of 2019 the national unemployment rate was 3.3% and in April of 2020 it’s 14.7%. For Minnesota in 2019, it was 3.1% and this April it’s 8.1%.

For Morrison County in April of 2019, the unemployment rate was 5.2% and this April it was 9.0%. This is the highest it has been since January of 2013. I am hoping that when the numbers come out for May that it might improve slightly, but we may not see an improvement until the June numbers come out.

With that said, here is a listing of what businesses can reopen and when from the latest Executive Order...

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