Community Development and partners help Morrison County continue to grow

4 Aug 2023

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Community Development of Morrison County works to ensure businesses can invest in Morrison County.

Whether it’s helping a new business get started, or an existing business expand, Carol Anderson, executive director, is busy.

During a July planning session, Anderson updated the County Board about what’s been going on.

One of the larger projects, Community Development has worked with, North Freeze Dry, is about ready to go.

“That’s a very large project,” Anderson said. “They’re not quite finished yet. They still got some equipment they have to install. The equipment is there. It just needs to be hooked up.”

North Freeze Dry, located on 18th Street Northeast, across from Barrett Petfood, makes product for use by Barrett Petfood and other pet food companies.

Anderson described it as a “job shop” for other pet food companies

North Freeze Dry can do two things, she said. They can package their product for whatever company they are making it for, or can grind it up to a powder, to coat kibble with.

“And dogs go crazy for it,” Anderson said.

“That was a large investment in the community, $18 million, in Morrison County,” Anderson told the County Board. “We welcome those kinds of investments.”

Barrett Petfood continues to grow its business.

“They added their second line — their business was designed for that,” Anderson said.

Barrett Petfood has leased the former IWCO building, which is now full.

“And that’s 200,000 square feet,” Anderson said.

Community Development has been making and helping facilitate loans for businesses.

“Last year, it was a little quieter, but we did some bigger deals, like Falls Fab(ricating),” she said.

Falls Fabricating, on the west side of Little Falls, added 40,000 square feet to its facility.

“Their business has really been growing,” Anderson said.

Now, she said she’s seeing smaller deals, more retail.

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