Thielen Meats in Little Falls named 'Large Business of the Year'

18 Feb 2021

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John Thielen was surprised when his daughter, Jessica, informed him Thielen Meats had been named “Large Business of the Year” by the Little Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Not only was he caught off guard by the award, but also by exactly which one Thielen Meats had claimed. After all, the Chamber of Commerce also gives out an award for the Small Business of the Year.

“I guess it goes by number of employees,” John Thielen said. “When we started in Little Falls, we would have been a small business. We still have always considered ourselves a small business. I’m not complaining or anything, but I didn’t even realize we had crossed that threshold.”

The growth of Thielen Meats is a testament to the success of a business that expanded its operation into Little Falls in 1990. At that time, they employed about 10 people, and John was working seven days per week to nurture the business through its infancy.

Now, the Little Falls location alone has 27 employees.

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