Minnesota Power converts local street lights to LED

Minnesota Power converts local street lights to LED Main Photo

19 Dec 2020

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The street lights in Morrison County are looking a little different these days.

Minnesota Power began its LED Street Light project in April 2020. According to Minnesota Power Senior Communications Specialist Kelley Eldien, all of the street lights and most of the area lights in Little Falls have already been converted to LED. Only some larger customer-owned area lights and floodlights have yet to be converted.

In all, 890 street lights and 338 area lights in Little Falls, Royalton, Pierz, Upsala, Lastrup, and Flensburg have been updated. Area lights are considered those that light parking lots or customer yards.

“Under Minnesota Power’s Energy Forward strategy, we are continuing on our path to a sustainable energy future by successfully diversifying our energy mix to reduce carbon emissions and expand wind and solar resources,” Eldien said.

There are several reasons for the change to all LEDs. According to Minnesota Power, LED lights use 50% to 60% less energy than more traditional sources. They also have lower carbon emissions and last “significantly longer.” Eldien said that greatly reduces street light outages and the number of times a light needs to be visited by a line crew.

Another reason is cost. Though specific price per fixture depends on the type and light output, Eldien said energy usage alone will save at least 50% to 60%. 

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