Swanville moves forward with water tower plan

13 Nov 2020

Government, Infrastructure, Economic Development, News, Community

With Clif Allen of Moore engineering in attendance, the Swanville City Council decided Tuesday, to move forward in the process of building a new water tower for the city of Swanville.

    Allen said that since the state was able to pass a bonding bill that Swanville’s project would be put into the Rural Development for funding.

    “If they are referring you to RD, that is a strong indicator that Swanville will be getting a grant,” Allen said.

    Allen said that he estimates that a grant would likely be a 55/45 grant, being 55% as a grant and 45% as a loan.

    He said that the first step is filling out the grant application, although that comes with a cost of $6,500, and getting the grant is not a done deal.

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