Connecting Minnesotans who need work with jobs in demand

21 Jul 2020

Community, Employment, Workforce, Government

The federal $600 a week payment for people receiving unemployment benefits is slated to end at the end of July unless Congress takes action.

While regular unemployment benefits will continue for eligible people, the loss of the emergency benefit will have a significant impact on many Minnesota families. Over the last several months, the additional $600 a week has helped Minnesotans who lost work or had their hours significantly reduced pay for housing, food, and other necessities for their families during these difficult times. When the temporary payment ends, many people will struggle to make ends meet.

The State of Minnesota is ready to help during these challenging times. At DEED, we are focused on connecting Minnesotans who need to work with the employers who need them. You can find the top 30 jobs in demand now in Minnesota on The list is regularly updated with links to additional information about wages, educational requirements, and current Minnesota postings for the jobs.

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