Lin Furniture in Little Falls welcomes new owner after 19 years

27 Feb 2017

Business, Economic Development, Community

After 19 years operating Lin Furniture in Little Falls, owner Linda Burggraff decided it was time to sell.

It is something she had discussed for the last two years with her employee, Todd Waldoch, 27, who was interested in buying the store at some point. He grew up in Randall and lives in Flensburg and knew he wanted to stay in the area.

Even though Waldoch never officially received a title, he has worked in several departments as needed, for nearly seven years. He has delivered furniture to customers, worked in the warehouse and has interacted with customers and sold furniture.

“He’s just an all-around nice guy. I feel fantastic and am comfortable about him taking over. I trust him,” Burggraff said.

Burggraff describes Waldoch as a very customer service-oriented individual.

“He is a people person and is very good with customers,” she said.

Waldoch said he’s had very good mentors in his life to get where he is in his life today.

“It all started with my teacher, Bill Swanson. He taught marketing at Little Falls Community High School,” Waldoch said.

But becoming a business owner is not all bliss. In the midst of the excitement, there is also the fear of failure.

“It’s like getting married. You have that whole combination of being scared, happy, excited and everything else at the same time,” he said. “I thought buying a house was scary, but that is nothing like buying a business. You are depending on that income.”

But business ownership is an adventure that his wife, Meghan, is willing to go along with.

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