Little Falls & Parents Of Special-Needs Children Welcome Barrett Petfood Innovations To Community

5 Aug 2019

Economic Development, New Business

The Little Falls City Council is standing by their decision to allow Barrett Petfood Innovations to build a new facility next to future Mid-State special education school. Barrett Petfood Innovations plans to have their new facility up and running by either the spring or summer of 2020, while the new Mid-State special education school is slated to open in August.

Some community members showed concern over the fact that the Little Falls City Council approved of Barrett Petfood Innovations to build their new facility right across the street from Mid-State, but other residents believe that both Barrett and Mid-State can co-exist, reaffirming the council’s decision, especially after a couple of Little Falls businesses have recently closed.

“This is an opportunity for us short-term to replace those jobs with a great company that offers almost unheard of benefits, especially in their health insurance,” said Little Falls Mayor Greg Zylka.

Mayor Zylka says Barrett Petfood Innovations has been very cooperative with the community. “Barrett has been really accommodating with them, wanting to do everything they can, they were already talking Monday night after the meeting saying what can we do to be good neighbors,” said Zylka.

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