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A.T. Black and White

Category:  Success Stories

A.T. The Black & White has an amazing ambiance, knowledgeable and attentive service, and a fantastic menu. We offer the finest and most unique dining experience in the Little Falls area. Since 1931, we have been providing you with delicious meals, amazing local beers and drinks from our incredible bar an...

Four Seasons Shrimp Farm

Category:  Success Stories

Four Seasons Shrimp Company is a central Minnesota Shrimp Farm. We grow fresh, saltwater shrimp year round. Shrimp costs $20 per pound. Open select days.

JB Lund Dock & Lift

Category:  Success Stories

LUND has everything you need for your lake side needs. Docks, lifts and all the accessories to custom fit your personal needs.

RMI Molding

Category:  Success Stories

The original company was created in 2000 and has successfully operated since its inception. RMI has an opportunity to participate in a growing market, and expand its operation and increase revenues by aggressively pursuing government contracts and industries of the future.

Smude’s Sunflower Oil

Category:  Success Stories

Smude Enterprises LLC provides a premium cold pressed sunflower oil with exceptional quality and flavor. We use only high oleic sunflower seeds to provide a healthy cooking oil with 0 trans fat, high in "good" monounsaturated fat, and low in polyunsaturated fat. We filter down to 1 micron without chemical...

Trunk Highway 27 Improvement Project

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Wabash National Injects New Life into Little Falls' Shuttered Boat Dactory

Category:  Success Stories

Larson Boat — in better times above —closed its 114-employee Little Falls plant in January and merged operations into its Wisconsin flagship plant. The Wabash Cannonball, if you will, is rolling into Little Falls to the delight of the job-hungry locals. Indiana-based Wabash National, a growing maker of high-test, lightweight truck trailers...

A Haven for New, Startup Technology Companies

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The downtown district of Little Falls is fast becoming a haven for new, startup technology companies. Little Falls is home to Atomic Learning, an international software company; Waypoint Technologies, a lake mapping software company; and AmeriTrak Fleet Solutions, a vehicle tracking company. The growth of Little Falls continues, thanks to the early entrepreneurs whose vision gave it impetus.